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“You just don't realize you need it until it's too late.  I am so happy we finally got this done.  Found out we were underinsured by $30,000.  We had no idea how much stuff we really had.  The quality of their product is unbelievable."


Paul P.,

Homeowner in Philadelphia, PA

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WOW! Robert and Vesta just delivered our inventory binder and thumb drive. It is UNBELIEVABLE!! The binder is so professionally put together with beautiful color pictures of everything in our house. There are color videos of every room and the outside of our home. AND WAIT.....They even researched every item with the minutia of information they collected (in a very timely manner, mind you), put an estimated value (even the junky items that aren't worth 2 cents). I know they must've spent many, many hours getting an accurate inventory of all our belongings in case we every are struck by fire, flood, or theft. I am completely impressed by their professionalism and presentation. I am so happy I had this done!!!! Thank you Vesta and Robert!"


Sean & Loren,

Homeowner in Columbia, SC

“I bought a gas station and the prior owner stole over $30,000 in products prior to my taking over.  I hired Black Box to come in an inventory every stick of gum.  Because of their extreme attention to detail I was able to prove exactly how much product was on hand compared to the previous owner's claims and win my court settlement.”


Mr. Patel,

Owner of El Cheapo Gas Station

​Sumpter, SC

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Insurance Assurance

Disaster can come any time.  Be prepared with a professional 3rd party inventory to ensure you are compensated fully for your losses by your insurance company.  Our inventories contain all the information needed by your adjuster.

We specialize in home inventory and business inventory services.  Our professional 3rd party inventory are guaranteed to be accurate, professional, and complete.


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