"Cover Your Assets" - CYA


It takes a great deal of trust to allow someone into your home andwhat you own is a very personal thing. Rest assured that all of your information is kept strictly confidential, releasable only by you to any other party. Your information will never be shared with any other organization without your written authorization. All of our agents are thoroughly screened and go through an extensive background check and training program.

Our Values

  • Professionalism
  • Diligence
  • Loyalty
  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Honor
  • Respect


A combined 20+ years of military and civilian experience in managing and conducting inventories for the Department of Defense and many companies of the Aero-Space Industry to include Boeing, Northrop Grumman and Sikorsky Aircraft. We bring the highest standards and diligence of the industry to your home or business, ensuring a complete, accurate, and professional product.


Black Box Inventories is veteran owned. Traveling all around the world we know the value of having an accurate inventory of the things we own. With every permanent change of station, it is pretty much guaranteed that something is going to be missing or damaged. We want to take our “lessons learned” and share them with other service members to help make their moves as painless as possible. Ask about our specialized PCS package.

Why We Do This

We started this business after we saw firsthand what happened to people who did not have an inventory. We lived in Colorado in 2012 and when the Waldo Canyon Fire started in ColoradoSprings last year, the wind suddenly shifted and the fire headed down the mountain. Residents literally had less than 15 minutes to get out of their homes. Over 340 beautiful homes were completely destroyed in a matter of hours. The painful response of every victim interviewed was “I never thought this could have happened to me!”

Those people lost EVERYTHING they owned with no warning. Now, six months later as these individuals are trying to settle their insurance claims, their hearts are broken once again. Insurance companies require proof of your assets that are claimed in your settlement. The very few who actually had an inventory lost that in the fire as well. All others were left to try and account for what they had by painful memory. Even if they could remember what they owned, they were required to show proof of these items in order to receive reimbursement. We felt as if these people were now burned twice. This should never happen to anyone, and our goal is to make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

Our Name 

A black box on a plane is designed to record everything and survive any tragedy that may happen in order to provide the information needed to put things together after a traumatic incident. Much like a black box, we record everything. Should tragedy ever strike your home or business you can rest assured that you have your personal black box with a detailed and complete record of all your assets stored safely and confidentially, off site. This will ensure you are compensated forALL of your assets. It’s insurance assurance, and we ensure you get what you have been paying for: a peace of mind.